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Creative thinking is a process that combines creativity, rationality and empathy to meet user needs and ultimately drive business success.

Developers often wonder how exactly Creative Thinking can help them. It’s a simple answer. Before architects and other specialists are called to the table, creative thinking can help in 3 ways:
  1. Drive Profits
  2. Build a better project
  3. Pain free development process

It’s more cost effective to have Perception explore a site’s opportunities and best uses, before calling in more costly specialists. Our fees are typically 50% lower than theirs. What’s more, by anchoring the project with a vision right at the start, you reduce expensive redesigns, and the invisible cost of your team’s time and effort.

We’ve worked with developers small and large, and notice a growing awareness among all about the need to look at their project in a new way. Buyers and clients are smarter than ever. Good design has become something everyone looks for, and creative thinking is the fastest way to good design.
about_image Architecture is not like a Nike shoe – you can’t make thousands of the same building and expect them to perform the same. That’s what’s so exciting about development: apply creative thinking, and you have the opportunity with every project to make something unique – to do something better than you’ve ever done before. Perception helps you figure out WHAT that better thing is.

We’re all about making your life easier. Creating consensus at the start of a project has an impact on the entire process. Project management is simpler, and things just move faster.

Perception delivers a project concept book that describes the high-level vision for every aspect of your development, from the preliminary master plan to the unit mix. Take this to your team of architects and specialists, and you’ll have a shovel in the ground in no time.


What We Do. Our List Of Services.
  • Envisioning

    Developing the initial ideas for the entire project vision.

  • Master Planning

    Taking the initial ideas and bringing them to life.

  • Architectural design

    Shaping the elements of the Master Plan.

  • Interior Design

    Continuing the project vision inward into the elements.


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Our expertise is in the “Concept Generation” phase, in which developing the idea and positioning the project, sets the tone for the entire master plan and vision.

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Meet Mehdi Ali, Creative Thinker
Mehdi Ali

Mehdi Ali

CEO / Creative Thinker

“It’s all about life and the experiences that bring us closer together” says Mehdi.

Whether it’s smashing a ping pong ball with extra top spin, snow boarding in the Laurentian mountains or developing international project concepts, the one thing that remains constant is Mehdi’s ability to be creative and original.

Right from the start, as a child in grade school his ability to imagine, visualize and illustrate new ideas was recognized by his peers and teachers. Much later on, working as a lead designer in a large architectural firm he paved the way to start his own company, Perception Creative Thinking. A new way of looking at design & master planning that would enhance the team performance and the overall project vision. He brought this new philosophy to some of the best companies in North America such as Cadillac Fairview, Intrawest, IBI Group, Aecom and Atkins with great success. With his vast wealth of international design experience spanning over 20 years, Mehdi brings to the table a positive and enthusiastic spin on creative thinking and the dedication to constantly push the envelope of design.

He holds a degree in architecture from Ryerson University in Toronto with additional studies in urban planning and illustrative design from The Ontario College of Art.


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Mehdi Ali

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